Dec 7th - 9th

Experience the Future of AR.

Expand your business, get inspired, and explore the technology driving the evolution of AR. At Lens Fest 2021, we’re exploring the massive advances in AR and the way it's shaping how we experience the world. Join us for three days of virtual events with leading creative professionals from around the world, including sessions, workshops, meetups, and much more.

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Festival Schedule

Day 1
8:00 AM PST // 20 min // Session 1Add to CalendarCalendar
Welcome to Lens Fest
8:20 AM PST // 5-10 min // Demo 1Add to CalendarCalendar
Lens Studio: New Feature
8:45 AM PST // 15 min // Session 2Add to CalendarCalendar
The Snap AR Ecosystem
9:00 AM PST // 15 min // Demo 2Add to CalendarCalendar
Innovative Lens Tips
2:30 PM PST // 20 min // Business Session 1Add to CalendarCalendar
Getting Started with Snap AR
3:00 PM PST // 10 min // Business Session 2Add to CalendarCalendar
Building Your Business With Snap AR
4:00 PM PST // 30 min // Workshop 1Add to CalendarCalendar
Lens Studio: New Features
4:30 PM PST // 30 min // Workshop 2Add to CalendarCalendar
Face, Hand, Body, and Gesture Tracking

Lens Fest

Dec 7th - 9th

2021 Lens Fest Awards

This year we’re celebrating the best of the best within the Snap Lens Community. Be sure to tune in to see if you may be recognized at this year’s Lens Fest Awards!

Connect. Collaborate. Build.

Looking to connect with the creative AR professionals? Post your collaboration opportunities here! If you’re a business with an opening or simply looking to partner with AR talent, you can post your submissions here as well. It’s designed to help creator and developers along with innovative brands, businesses, and agencies connect with talent from around the world.

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